Department of Veteran’s Affair (DVA)

Department of Veteran's Affair

The Hearing Services Program

How to get treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides a range of important services and benefits to veterans and their families. One of them includes Hearing Services Program, Assistive Listening Devices and Tinnitus Program.

The DVA’s hearing services program aim to give veterans access to the most comprehensive care available. This includes free hearing tests and assessments, as well as free devices such as hearing aids and other assistive technologies. The DVA also offers financial help with rehabilitation programs so that veterans can manage their tinnitus or any other hearing health issues they may be facing.

To access these services, veterans must apply through the DVA website. Once approved for benefits, the DVA will cover all associated costs for the veteran’s healthcare needs related to their hearing impairment.

The DVA aims to provide the best quality of life for those who have served their country and make sure that they are well supported during their transition back into civilian life after service. Through its wide range of resources and support services, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs strives to ensure that veterans’ needs are met in whatever way is most beneficial for them.