Fitness to Drive

Assessing Fitness to Drive

Safety is our top priority

Drivers who have a hearing impairment or deafness must meet special fitness-to-drive medical standards to be eligible for their driver’s licence. By meeting these standards, individuals can demonstrate that they are aware of their condition and are mindful of any safety considerations.

The fitness-to-drive medical standards concerning hearing loss and deafness require drivers to demonstrate that they can adequately control the vehicle, while understanding what is going on outside. This means they should be able to detect horns, screeching tires and other warning signals, as well as respond appropriately to verbal communication from other drivers. It is important to note that having hearing aids will not be seen as a substitute for meeting the medical standard criteria.

Drivers who do not meet the standards may still be able to apply for a conditional licence allowing them to drive under certain conditions, such as required modifications in their vehicle or restrictions on driving late at night or in bad weather.

To find out more about these requirements, please refer to the relevant documents published by Austroads.