Hearing Test

What is a Hearing Test

An audiometric hearing test can help identify hearing impairments and helps determine how well an individual is able to decode sound waves into meaningful information. The professional exam evaluates the connection between a person’s ears and brain, allowing for accurate diagnosis of potential auditory problems. Through this evaluation process, audiologists can provide an accurate diagnosis as well as beneficial recommendations for treating any degree of loss in hearing capability.

What to expect from a hearing test?

The diagnostic test is conducted at our Karalee clinic using video otoscopy for a through visual inspection of your ear canals. We are equipped with microsuction for safe removal of ear wax (cerumen) if the wax is fully occluding the ear canal. The diagnostic test is conducted in a ‘Sound treated room’ for accurate test results. a through explanation of the test results will be provided along with the bet recommendations. Audiology report will be sent to your General practitioner.

During your appointment with your Hearing Care Professional, they will gather information about the history of your health, personal hearing experience and assess any challenges you might be facing with state-of-the art hearing equipment. They will provide an audiogram test that allows you to get an accurate picture of how well you hear. After the results have been reviewed by both parties, if a determination is made that there’s a need for further intervention your Hearing Care Professional can help explore available solutions such as hearing aid solution.

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Why is it important to get a hearing test?

Staying on top of your hearing health is key, so much can be gained from regularly checking in with an audiologist. Yearly visits are important for not only monitoring changes to your hearing, but also ensuring that any existing hearing devices you have give you the best possible outcome tackling those day-to-day challenges together.

Regular hearing tests are an important part of maintaining overall health. Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to a myriad of negative emotions ranging from frustration and embarrassment to feelings of inferiority – resulting in social isolation and decreased quality of life.