Home Visits

Home visits for personalised approach.

Home visits by hearing clinicians offer a convenient and personalised approach to hearing healthcare, bringing essential services directly to the client’s residence. These visits cater to individuals who may find it difficult to travel to a clinic, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support for their hearing needs.

Benefits of Home Visits provide several advantages for clients, including:


By bringing services directly to the client’s home, hearing clinicians accommodate those with mobility limitations, transportation challenges, or other factors that make visiting a clinic difficult.

Comfort and Familiarity

Receiving care in a familiar environment can help clients feel more at ease, which can lead to more accurate assessments and better overall outcomes.

Personalised Service

Home visits allow hearing clinicians to better understand the client’s everyday listening environments, making it easier to tailor recommendations and interventions to their specific needs.

Please arrange your Home Visit with Easy Hearing by calling 07 3492 9228.

Home visits by hearing clinicians offer a convenient and accessible solution for individuals who may find it challenging to access hearing care in traditional clinical settings. By providing personalised care in the comfort of the client’s home, hearing clinicians can better address their unique needs and improve their overall hearing health and quality of life.

Services Offered During Home Visits Hearing clinicians can provide a range of services during home visits, such as:

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Clinicians can conduct thorough evaluations of a client’s hearing abilities, including case history, otoscopy, and audiometric testing.

Hearing Aid Fittings and Adjustments

Clinicians can fit new hearing devices or make adjustments to existing ones, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Tinnitus Assessment and Management

Home visits allow clinicians to evaluate tinnitus symptoms and provide individualised management strategies to help clients cope with the condition.

Hearing Rehabilitation

Clinicians can provide counselling and support to help clients improve their communication skills and adapt to their hearing loss.

Device Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Hearing clinicians can perform routine maintenance on hearing devices, address technical issues, and provide guidance on proper care and use.