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Remote Care | Telehealth Services

Remote care and telehealth services have revolutionised the way hearing healthcare is provided, offering increased accessibility and convenience for clients seeking assistance with their hearing needs.

Leveraging modern technology, these services allow for real-time communication between clients and hearing professionals, facilitating effective care even when physical distance is a barrier.

Advantages of Remote Care and Telehealth Services The benefits of remote care and telehealth services for hearing health include:


Telehealth services provide access to hearing healthcare for individuals living in remote or rural areas, or those who face transportation or mobility challenges.


Clients can save time and avoid the need to travel by receiving care from the comfort of their own homes.

Continuity of Care

Telehealth allows clients to maintain contact with their hearing healthcare providers, ensuring ongoing support and monitoring of their hearing health needs.

Cost Savings

Remote care can reduce travel and related expenses, making hearing healthcare more affordable for clients.

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Services Offered Through Remote Care and Telehealth.

A range of hearing health services can be provided remotely, such as:

Virtual Consultations

Clients can schedule video or phone consultations with hearing professionals to discuss their concerns, receive advice, or review test results.

Remote Hearing Assessments

Some hearing tests can be conducted remotely, with clients performing self-administered hearing screenings using specialised apps or web-based platforms.

Hearing Aid Fittings and Adjustments​

Modern hearing aids equipped with wireless connectivity can be adjusted remotely by hearing professionals, allowing for fine-tuning and optimisation of device settings.

Tinnitus Management​

Telehealth services can provide tinnitus assessment, counselling, and management strategies to help clients cope with tinnitus symptoms. Call Easy Hearing if you need assistance.

Aural Rehabilitation

Clients can access virtual support and resources to improve communication strategies, speech reading, and auditory training.

Our Personal Approach

Remote care and telehealth services provide a flexible and accessible approach to hearing healthcare, breaking down barriers and ensuring that clients receive the care they need, regardless of their location. By embracing these innovative services, clients can maintain and improve their hearing health and overall quality of life.

Accessing Remote Care and Telehealth Services

To access remote care and telehealth services, clients should:

Research Hearing Providers

Identify hearing healthcare providers offering telehealth services, considering factors such as professional qualifications, available services, and client reviews.

Verify Technology Requirements:

Ensure that they have the necessary equipment (e.g., computer, smartphone, or tablet) and a stable internet connection to support telehealth appointments.

Schedule an Appointment:

Contact the preferred provider to schedule a remote appointment, discussing any specific concerns or needs in advance.

Prepare for the Appointment:

Gather relevant documents and information, test the telehealth platform, and find a quiet space to ensure a successful virtual consultation.